The audited Sushi LP Contracts will start earning rewards for staked LPs from tomorrow! 

Reward weighting will return to the pre-XBF rewards season ratio of 75% XBE Emissions to Sushi LP and 25% XBE Emissions to XBE Locker/Stakers. 

To qualify for these rewards, LP's need to withdraw their LP tokens from the version 2 staking contract, and then approve and stake on the new audited reward contract.

LPs must withdraw and stake LP Tokens on the app to qualify for XBE rewards!


We are pleased to release our final audit report from Peckshield. 

We want to give special thanks to the excellent Peckshield team for their insights, support and extra care taken working with our technical team - your insights have been invaluable! 

It's therefore no surprise that we've already reserved an audit slot with Peckshield for the updated XBF contracts for our upcoming Fantom launch. ;-)

To ensure security compliance for some of our institutional Hive applications, we've started a 3rd audit - this time with the CertiK team - which can be verified here: https://www.certik.com/projects/xbe-finance.


Calling our White Hats!

With the Peckshield audit passed, the hive contracts have been deployed to mainnet!

We can therefore now welcome our white hat community to review and submit any bugs in accordance with our XIP3 500 000 USD bug bounty which is now LIVE and OPEN!

A special thank you to those community members who have been tracking our deployments and assisting! 

A list of our deployed mainnet contracts can be found below:

  • XBERouter: 0x02A3D273792E8bB7985aE976B40cB2E963a81D69
  • FeeToTreasuryTransporter: 0x092c5a90b458994646166bBff816d09Ce17AE76A
  • ReferralProgram: 0x9DB6a121931d75fED014C37AC4cC315a48e12Df2
  • Registry: 0xF1D1DF2A5d9edEDf601d33cbb3F9c444fE88835b
  • ironBankHiveVault: 0x9410f5f36a40ae17b3188c3381ccfedb956b1bf8
  • ironBankHiveStrategy: 0x92B0D740DAE8199A8A5d2271AA3a5Cd8159f764D
  • eurtHiveVault: 0xC2966D9a1035850B0b168CDdb35E8Bc1458271fD
  • eurtHiveStrategy: 0x59963dD992813244B6975E78E0C9969d1Ff835ad
  • stEthHiveVault: 0x415083692C0F287596079F5F2d2f20702D58EA43
  • stEthHiveStrategy: 0xF391E5421c521dD22bA62500C8DfA69Ba15d4e06
  • cvxVault: 0x40AFA73de468F2d326C251ac63A6CE490435b36e
  • cvxStrategy: 0x0210Ad787cd7c813BF2Ea89956B236FD6cfd55ee
  • cvxCrvVault: 0xDE824A00fb2fFBe44b3C2493F0deb63a76eA73F3
  • cvxCrvStrategy: 0x00e1c5ceDe84f3F762F93cA32746F836b63D7D86
  • mimHiveVault: 0x015d5ebeaed4e9c1dbbf5d6d64cdcbe4dffd7cd3
  • mimHiveStrategy: 0x0e51a6548189d50e5eE10c2166d69b8fc82579ce
  • SushiStrategy: 0xDedD85F5811F6bAaEd77FA987b89084ADf0786C8
  • SushiVault: 0xa4D94Ff014c48F1032fe2c558Ec7ECD035276F3b
  • Controller: 0x8b6dF15aeea4Bc6387889EE6ff9cb9bd1D56C606



The submissions for XBE DAO multisig positions have surpassed our expectations - and it's inspiring to see the sincere interest from the community in these important roles.

DAO multisig submissions will remain open until end of day, Monday the 29th November so applicants can be verified before starting a 3 day voting period to appoint DAO members.

We really welcome anyone to volunteer - so if you are interested in participating, please see our previous blog for an overview of the requirements: https://wewantblogsnow.xbe.finance/blog/xb-news-update/


The app team continues to test and update the Hive UI App - adapting the front-end to fit the smart contract changes made during the audit process, and we hope to have the UI ready for launch by the time the DAO multisig process has completed.

Aligning Hive alpha testing with the DAO multisigs will also ensure a safe transfer of all admin, minting, and ownership keys with on-chain proofs that the technical contributors don't have executive control of the smart contracts prior to public funds being deployed.

Slow and steady is our motto, and we are excited to be making continuous progress towards the big goal of bridging TradFi and Defi!

Remember to connect with the vibrant XBE community by joining our official social channels on https://t.me/xbefinance or https://twitter.com/XBEfinance!