TLDR; First day back, implementing Certik feedback and community suggestions, no major news yet.

With new year celebrations over and a great break behind us, it's finally full steam ahead and back to work from today!


Let's catch you up on what's happened over the last 2 weeks:

  1. Hive Pro development and integration has been on-going and glad to report it's well on track!
  2. Certik has released their initial findings - adding their input to the valuable insights already gained from the Peckshield audit.
  3. Happy to see that several community members have submitted feedback for the Hive Alpha testing.



Drawing from much of the UI work that's been done on the XB Easy Mobile App, the Hive Pro UI provides a react-web application for the customers of licensed financial institutions and their authorised agents to manage their portfolio in DeFi in conjunction with the XBE Hive Vaults.

We caught up on a progress demo today and just love this way of helping users determine how they want to set their risk vs reward ratio!


The preliminary report from Certik is extremely thorough, and after studying the initial findings we are pleased to note that the remedial work they recommend predominantly focuses around ensuring that Multisig ownership of all key smart contracts are effectively handed over and monitored.

Will be working with the Certik team this week to finalise an action and handover plan of this to ensure that our Multisigs are the only actors able to update key smart contracts and on-chain configurations, and able to effect DAO decisions to the fullest.


Priority today was to ensure that the feedback received over the last 2 weeks have been added to the backlog so that updates can be prioritised - we value the input from our community and thank everyone who has made a contribution already, you will see your changes reflecting soon!

Please remember to add your own feedback with our online submission form.


As this is the first day back, we just wanted to give you all a quick update - but as we process the above and all the other items that's built up while we were away we will make a more detailed update for Hive and Rewards by the end of this week!

Thanks for all the well-wishes, and we are looking forward to an exciting 2022 for us all!