The Hive UI has passed QA and is being prepared for public release next week to kick off the Hive Alpha Test process!

XBF Snapshot Announcement

With this announcement it means that the XBF veXBE Snapshot will be taking place very shortly!  The snapshot is scheduled for block 13887500, which is estimated to take place around 12h15 UTC on Monday the 27th of December 2021!

This is therefore the formal and official notice of the L2 XBF Gov Token veXBE snapshot, so everyone has a chance over the weekend (hopefully gas is cheap!) to get your XBE staked and locked, and your lock duration extended for the maximum veXBE balance to qualify for the best possible XBF reward!

Once the snapshot has concluded the XBF Reward Report will be updated and finalised so everyone can verify their exact XBF rewards - which will be available in a vesting schedule on launch of the XBF protocol on Fantom's Opera Mainnet!

With all the work that has gone into the XB Protocol and the Hive products and audits to date, the XBF Hive plays the crucial role of being the "retail user" (someone with less than $500,000 deployed in DeFi) solution for the XB Protocol.

To achieve this a lot of work has gone into creating the Easy XB Mobile App - and partnering with licensed fiat onramp providers for deep integration into existing banking rails. 

We hope you enjoy the above video sneak peek of what's to come for XBF with the Easy XB App!

HIVE Alpha Testing Schedule

With the XBF Hive and Easy XBF App targeting retail users, the XBE Hive's focus is squarely on serving Licensed Institutional Players with the Hive Pro and providing other DeFi Protocols and Whales with a great complementary yield solution.

As we close out a super busy 2021, we are kicking off a testing roadmap that will run across several weeks - including the festive season and holidays.

Hive Alpha Test Roadmap (Steps):

  1. Hive UI Opens with Referrals (±28th Dec '21)
  2. Populate LPs (±4th Jan '22)
  3. Activate Hive XBE Rewards (± 11th Jan '22)
  4. Hive Vaults Claim and Distribute Underlying Rewards (± 18th Jan '22)


Over these next 4 weeks the Alpha testing process will provide sufficient time for everyone to help test the Hive UI, get their referral links setup, and contribute such LP as they can to seed the respective Hive Vaults.

Hive Referrals (Step 1)

  • Hive UI available to public!
  • Users can register their wallets and generate referral links, preparing to promote Hive to their networks.
  • Our Community UI Bug reporting page will be available to help us catch any remaining issues on the Hive UI - sadly no bounty on these UI bugs though!


Populate Hive Vault LPs (Step 2)

  • This will be the time for Liquidity Providers to start placing their LPs in the respective Hive Vaults
  • Remember that they will not start earning underlying rewards immediately, but they will start earning XBE rewards from Step 3.


Activate Hive XBE Rewards (Step 3)

  • XBE Emissions weighting to MIM and cvxCRV Hive Vaults
  • LPs in those vaults start earning XBE rewards


Hive Vaults Claim and Distribute Underlying Rewards (Step 4)

  • XBE Hive Rewards continue for Hive LPs
  • Underlying CVX, CRV, cvxCRV, SPELL rewards are claimed, and the Vaults begin distributing them to LPs


XBE Bug Bounty & Audit Progress

Throughout this process the $500k XBE Smart Contract Bounty is still very much active, and we encourage white hat users to keep testing the XBE contracts!

The Certik audit of the smart contracts is also progressing well, and we are expecting their report soon! 

This will conclude the second major third party audit (over and above the already completed Peckshield report) for the XBE Hive and together with the community bug bounty program help us comply with best practice in securing the HIVE Smart Contracts.

HIVE PRO Integration Plan

The Alpha Test schedule is crucial to prepare for HIVE Pro integration, and we are excited to start with Hive Pro liquidity testing early in the new year!

This will allow licensed fund and investment management partners to activate regulatory compliant returns in DeFi for their clients – and be the major leap forward for the XB protocol in our vision to bridge TradFi and DeFi in a regulatory compliant way!

Thank You for a GREAT 2021!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the XBE protocol thus far, we could not have gotten here without your passion and great ideas!

Looking forward to more contributions and support as we embark on the Hive Alpha Test next week and wishing a Happy Festive Season to all!